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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  October 12, 2012 9:30am-10:00am PDT

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add hbo and cinemax and get the first three months free. [ male announcer ] at&t u-verse. it's tv like you've never seen before. ♪ i'm beth troutman. it's friday, and time for the "rtm" top ten countdown, "right this minute." a frightening experience for victims pulled from a wreck. >> and then you see the car that you were just in completely engulfed in flames. >> why seconds counted in this close call. cops say a shopper walked up to a kid -- >> asked him if he need add ride somewhere. the kid said, no. >> and that's when it got really
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weird. we've got the story. a goat is spotted on a steep ledge. >> for four days he was stuck there. >> why he had the last laugh on his rescuers. >> trying to rescue a bird from a tree! >> right. and the things we learn about the people we date. >> i don't cut my toenails. i'm going for the guinness world record. >> revealing moments to make -- or break -- a relationship. >> deal breaker. i was outta there. t ison tohe scene of a fier two-car crash in moorhead, minnesota. one of the victims in the crash, brianna palatta told the state patrol she was trying to pass another car when she ran into a car driven by an elderly couple. as you can see here, the rescue attempt is under way. >> is everybody out? >> he's asking, is everybody out? is everybody out, because, again, we have three victims in
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this crash, and at one point they start lifting them out themselves before firefighters arrive. one patrolman had to get a pry bar from his car to help that woman out of her car. two residents who lived in the area were trying to help her, just seconds after they got her out, the car was completely engulfed in flames. >> wow. to get hot fast. >> you could see here, one man is on the side of the road, and you could see the care that they take in trying to move him without further injuring him. >> put this underneath him. i'm going to need your help here. one, two, three -- up. >> the couple was admitted to the hospital in critical condition, but they didn't want anymore information about how they're doing released to the media. police said at first, we don't believe alcohol is involved, but now they're saying it may be. so tests are being done to see if alcohol was, indeed, a factor. >> how scary that must be to be one of these people. you're injured in this accident, on the side of the road and then see the car you were just in completely engulfed in flames.
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>> shows how little time they have to get, save the people that are in the accident, and get out. >> stick with you until we get somebody here. we're counting down to a great number one video, but first, number nine. >> police in carrollton, georgia, release add video as a warning to parents. they say the man near the orange shirt approached a teenager inside a kmart store there, asked them if he need add ride, the kid said no, and then solicited a sex act from this teenager, just like -- >> in broad daylight in the store? >> in broad daylight, inside a store that you can see has a lot of people in it, and that's what police are very worried about. that this guy just went up to this kid, completely careless that there were so many other people around. >> the station spoke to the parents. >> there are people throughout that are predators and they are
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looking for people. they're going to be there, here's my option. i can take this kid and nobody know it. >> police are crediting the station. after they first showed this story they received tips and were able to arrest the man. >> fortunately the teenage kid had the wherewithal to say, no, i'm fine. get away from me. i'm fine. >> if they were younger kids, what could have possibly happened? up next on the "rtm" top ten countdown, number eight. >> gopro cameras give us all kinds of interesting, unique looks at the world. no different. a tour of the mi-24. we've seen these battle ships, gun ships firing from a distance. the trail of the rockets taking off. this time got the go pro pointing right at the gun barrels. a look what it looks like when this helicopter lights the wick. look at that. so quick. >> wow. >> that's bad. >> the rocket pods on the side
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of the gun ship, just like that. a bunch of missiles take off. it's neat to see it from that angle. >> would you say the repetitions is faster than a second each? >> four to five rockets in less than a second. pretty neat to see it from that ship and the other one. pretty cool angle. that's the rockets. now take a look at what the gun on the front turret looks like. >> something i want to see in slow mo. >> see that gatlin gun? in this angle, the front turret just off the front of the cabin there. >> pretty incredible fire power. notice how beautiful and green it looks? you guys, can't you just fly, enjoy the scenery? go bomb something else? >> training mission over a region in russia. it is quite beautiful, but they decide to blow it up anyway. here's a good way to not be a good role model for the youth of america. this is in sacramento, california at a youth football
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game, grant high school, hosting the game. argument here. looks like a fight's about to break out, but it isn't these young players. these are coaches going at one another. it looks like people have started to calm down and then this happens. >> oh! [ bleep ]! >> this big, huge guy in a red shirt who cbs-13 says is a coach comes over and bull rushes a crowd of people, hits another coach and it looks like a woman as well. >> and then immediately after that, all hell breaks loose. you see a fight now between two women. you hear one woman say, where's my son? >> where's my son? oh! >> damn. >> talking about youth football game here. as an adult, you can't overreact like this. cbs-13 did catch up with one of the parents of a grant player. >> a lot of the kids, i'm sure, don't have all their parents in their lives and are looking at these coaches to be their role models and an example, and then something like this happens. >> this has gotten ridiculous.
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that person should be banned from kids' sports. >> the coach has the responsibility for their safety and here he's inciting everyone else to also get in on the fight. >> this big guy in the red shirt took out a number of people. no serious injuries were reported. middle of the day, crowded store, one dude decides -- >> don't mind me. i'm just going to steal this stuff and i'll be outta before you know it. >> see the unlikely person who jumps into action. >> someone's got to do something. no one else is helping out here. and noodles or toodles? >> spaghetti on his shirt. didn't make it into my mouth. let me try it one more time. >> to sleep or to eat.
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welcome back, everybody. before we get to our next video in the countdown, first we have a bonus video. >> i'm about to hack you again. >> welcome to the fourth edition
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of quick and simple -- >> our friends are back, and great ideas. >> i know you shave. >> you come in with, like, wads of toilet paper stuck to you all the time. simple life hack. >> did you cut yourself shaves? no need to apply a bandage. grab this and wipe it all over the wound. it will heal. >> the cut doesn't hurt. just bleeds forever. why you have to put the toilet paper to clog it up. >> cut down on heating bill, grab a clean sock, fill with rice, no, sir the microwave and tie it off. enjoy your new bed warmer. >> in the morning do you put the rice back? >> if want. it was clean sock. >> talk about stocking. beth, look what i got you! >> a socking. watch. they're getting better. >> did little kitty boo boo miss the litter box? add vinegar, you'll neutralize the scent. >> gets rid of cat pee odor.
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>> i knew that. works on dog pee, too. >> one for you, too. >> slice the bottom of a soft drink can. take the sheet you're left with and slide it over a drink. >> officer, this is just a coca-cola. >> do you feel your life has been hacked? >> a problem i have, i never remember these things. when i could use good hack -- >> go to "right this minute" and watch this over and over again, dude. next up, number six. two videos. this first one is at a store. you see several counters. this counter seems to have jewelry in it. >> yeah. >> enter the thief. >> oh, boy. >> breaks the glass and starts stuffing the jewelry and whatever he finds in there into his bag. 15 seconds later, he is gone. >> doesn't say anything. no weapon. >> no. >> no note.
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nothing. >> just like -- >> walks in like he owns the place rcht don't mind me. i'm just going to steal this stuff and be outta here before you know it. >> was that a little boy coming to the rescue, watch. >> someone's got to do something. no one else is helping out here. >> that is a kid. you're right. >> this guy didn't waste any time. walked right in, broke the case, took the stuff and got out of there. >> echo friendly. he brought his own bag. >> true. >> it looks like a reusable. >> on a freeway, you see damagecam video that catches a crash or an accident or something up ahead. >> right. >> but this time it's the driver with the damagecam that causes the accident. runs into a green car up ahead trying to change lanes -- >> holy cow. >> causes the car to flip. aren't you supposed to move over the lane before you guest too close to the car in front of you. >> well, yes. yeah. you definitely are supposed to switch lanes before you hit the car. that guy missed that lesson in driver's school. >> yeah.
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it's top five time on our countdown. the best of the best. and at number five, one of our big favorites of the day. dads, it's time for your daily dose of double cute. [ laughter ] what you've got here are some twins. a.j. and m.j. in canada, enjoying their delicious spaghetti, but they're really wanting to nap more. >> i don't know what they want to do more, because they're fighting off the nap. >> i like how they chew with their eyes closed. >> they're kind of alternating. one's going down. one will come up. then they kind of switch. >> eventually the twin on left i think just naps. ends up with the head in the plate, while the guy on the right still has his hand in the plate hoping to get one more morsel, then his head finally falls down. >> so sleepy, he's got spaghetti on his shirt. that didn't make it into my mouth. let me try it one more time. >> according to mom, these two little ones had been playing all day on the beach, building sand
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castles and may have just worn himself out. >> a.j. and m.j., they're almost 2. >> who says the terrible 2s? you guys are sleeping. >> do you feel like you've gotten your dose of cute now? >> yeah. and also kind of want some of that spaghetti. >> the noodles off the shirt here. they look tasty. four videos to go to our number one video of the day, and here's number four. >> i'm not getting into the detail, but one time high to end a relationship because of a disagreement about "jersey shore". >> oh, no. >> didn't see eye to eye on a relationship. >> ooh [ bleep ] -- [ bleep ], you psycho! >> deal breaker. i was out there. we all go through these things in relationships. deal breakers. not over "jersey shore" but, yes. >> here to talk about -- ♪
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>> i don't cut my toenails. going for the guinness world record. >> coming out way new album. favorite. >> this one here literally, my biggest pet peeve in the world. >> i think it's cute. >> comic sense. that's a break. >> i don't think that's ever come up in any of my relationships. >> if i was dating a girl, and she wrote me an e-mail in comic sans, i would write back, we have to bre now. so sad. >> using way too many exclamation marks. >> break. >> i had to break up with a girl because she didn't believe in dinosaurs. >> break. >> i had to break up, both houses of congress, and he said, there's two? >> break. >> capital of china. japan. >> break. >> so these are jenna's make or break moments. to see the entire video, head to, click on best of rtm and head to our facebook page, and tell us your make or break moment.
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>> who's actually hot. hitler. >> break! this guy's putting duct tape across his mouth, because he -- >> has a little message tore hollywood. >> what this guy's got to do with the movies, next. and two dogs out in a boat, and in trouble. but here comes their hero. >> pulling the dogs to shore! >> see where superdog scores on the countdown hi, i'm amy for downy unstopables
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three videos to go number one, and here's number three. >> we seen scenes in movies with people with duct tape over their mouth. for example in "wedding crashers" from 2005, or from "batman forever" people struggling, tied up and a hostage or whatever. this is kevin nugent, a >> duct tape. yeah. >> he knows this, because the hostage in his basement has been screaming all night. >> just ruined every kidnapping movie for me. >> right away puts the duct tape on his mouth. he's able to open his mouth and eat the duct tape. has a problem getting the last piece of duct tape off his face. not just for movies. survival for all of us, if we ever get kidnapped, mow we know how to get out. >> and educated us on how creepy he is. >> if you wanted to investigate
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further there's actually a website called the duct tape guys. duct tape at the movies and all the instances where duct tape appeared in film. like, for example, "friday night lights" they duct tape add football to a player so he would not learn to fumble. a good way. "batman forever," and their mouths duct taped when the riddler and facing batman to pick one or the other. improper use of duct tape. >> but it looks cool. and their dogs in a canoe. >> ah! >> but who comes to the rescue? their brother. problem buy benson, the lab, not the actor. robbie. reik r like robbie, come get us? >> robbie's going against the stream here.
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get outta here! >> these guys -- in his mouth and he's pulling the dogs to shore. >> incredible. >> good boy, robbie! bring them home. >> i have a feeling robbie's been trained to pull stuff, but even so, the other dogs, why are we out here on this boat doing this? >> because robbie came to rescue them. got another rescue to tell you about. this is black rock billy. this is his death defying leap. the search and rescue had to come rescue this billy goat, because look at him. for four days he was stuck there. >> he's a mountain goat. he doesn't need rescuing. that's where they live. their habitat. >> i don't know if that's a mountain goat. that looks like a billy goat. look, the beard. they take three hours to rappel and get the goat. then watch what happens. >> oh! [ applause ] >> got to be the dumbest thing i've ever seen. of course the goat's not stuck. that's what they do. like trying to rescue a bird from a tree.
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>> i agree. w watching, enjoying the show wating these dummies rescue him meanwhile, he knew he could get down himself. then he eats stuff, going like, what are you guys doing here? i was just doing what i do! it's a viral video that this tale will reel you in, hook, line and sinker.
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if you've owned a pc and it's gotten a little older you've probably gotten the blue screen of death, and you're waiting for something to come up. >> and that happened to steve spell ii. >> he posted this on our facebook page to show us what he did to his pc. >> whoa! >> he fashioned a bow and arrow at a pvc pipe and some razor sharp broadhead arrows. >> whoa. >> he got two solid shots into the pc. >> i don't blame him, though. i owned a pc ten years ago and never again. >> the screen didn't escape either. >> oh! get some action with it. >> once the bow breaks, he decides i'm just going to beat the crap out of mire pc. >> done broke my bow and arrow, and, look --
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>> good way to take out your frustrations, but he's gauss to clean it up afterwards. >> take that to the geek squad. >> from a dog's perspective, playing fetch. all right, everybody. it's number one time here on the top ten countdown. here's our number one video, our favorite pick of the day. sometimes when a citizen has an issue with his or her community they'll call, like, the local news or maybe the radio. listen to this caller who dialed the morning playhouse radio show
9:57 am
on y-94 in fargo, north carolina. >> something bothering me over the last several years involved in three separate accidents involving deer. these incidents occurred shortly after a saw a deer crossing sign on the highway. >> oh, no. >> well, my frustration is that, minnesota and north dakota department of transportation would allow these deer crossings to be in such high-traffic areas. i see them on the interstate. >> does she really believe those signs are there for the deer to know it's okay to cross? >> and i had no idea that deer are smart enough to be like, okay, well, where's the sign. oh, there it is. >> seems to me that it's so irresponsible of us to have deer crossings to be in areas where they're likely to be?
9:58 am
on-traffic -- >> legitimately brain-dead dumb. >> you seem to be under the understanding somehow the deer are attracted to the deer crossing sign. >> well, yeah, the deer crossing sign is there to allow the deer, so that's where they need to cross. >> oh, my goodness! >> it's deer could read the sign, then they would get out of the road. did anybody tell her that? >> we contacted the station. it's 100% real. this woman's name is donna. let us know what you they about this call to y-94. head to "right this minute" and leave us your thoughts. that's it for the "rtm" top ten countdown. have an awesome weekend, and we'll see you on monday. -- captions by vitac --
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